DJ Honey B realized her love for music at the tender age of 8 when she saved all of her allowance to purchase Notorious B.I.G’s “Ready to Die” album on cassette tape. “I would be in my room literally all day writing down lyrics to every song I heard and making mix-tapes (actual tapes) from songs off of the radio in my spare time. I was obsessed.” While attending Hampton University she took notice to the art of DJing but her studies and work occupied most of her free time to entertain the thought of becoming a DJ. Fast-forward 3 years where she met DJ Dub spinning at the Park on 14th in Washington DC and told him she wanted to become a DJ. He gave her all the information she needed to buy the equipment and she purchased it shortly after. Her and DJ Dub then came up with the name Honey B and practiced her craft at home and by volunteering to do house parties.
March 2011, Honey B ran into New York’s DJ SNS and approached him explaining her passion to DJ. He decided to take her under his wing and show her the ropes of DJing becoming his protégé. Since then DJ Honey B has been on the road to success as one of the hottest DJs in the DMV. Honey B has spun at various venues in the DMV to include Love, The Park at 14th, Ozios, Dirty Martini and Eden’s Lounge as well as venues in New York City, Ohio and, Virginia.

DJ Honey B’s ultimate goal is becoming a radio personality where she can be involved with music 24-7. “I know have the talent, knowledge and the voice for it.  It’s coming.  I feel it.  I pray about it.  I sit and daydream about it.  I even practice being on the radio at home lol.”

Best thing about being a DJ: The best thing about being a DJ is the ability to rock a party, seeing people have fun and you are in control of it all; without the DJ there is no party and I take pride in giving the people a great party experience.
Favorite party to DJ: Wherever the turntables are, I’m happy
Dream event to DJ & Why? Jay-Z’s tour DJ. I would be rocking with one of the best to ever do it along with him being my favorite artist. It gets no better.
Favorite artists: Jay-Z, Nas, AZ, Q-Tip, Young Jeezy, Fabolous, Mary J Blige, Jodeci, Anita Baker… it just depends on my mood


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